causes of foot pain

Medically Reviewed By : Dr Sravya, MBBS, MS 


Foot pain is experienced by almost everyone. Causes of foot pain may be different for everyone.

Feet are the end portion of the body where the body balances on this flat, complex structure. Feet are less cared for and used more than any part of the body. They help us in walking, standing, balancing, sitting and many more.

Feet are privileged with footwear, like shoes, sandals, stilettos. But at the same time if they are ill-fitting, they are responsible for causing the foot pain.

Pain in the feet is common because it helps in walking, standing, and running. Anything carrying out extra, ill fitting shoes stilettos puts the pressure on feet causing feet pain.

causes of foot pain

What is foot pain:

Foot pain may be incapacitating for many. As it causes restrictions on important activities like walking and running, which keep the body active and cheerful.
If these movements are restricted, the body becomes weak and debilitated.

If this can interfere in living daily life, and compromising important functions then we must look into its causes

Causes of foot pain:

Secondary causes:


How to reduce at home

So many people experience pain in the feet after a long walk or standing for long or a run. Many use home remedies like massage feet at night, immersing feet in warm water soothes, these remedies often prove helpful

Lets see them in detail what you can do to reduce it at home