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What is Wrist pain?

The wrist is made up of several joints. It is the place where the bones of the forearm and hand meet. When you feel discomfort in these bones, it is called wrist pain. 

Pain may be mild to severe. It depends on the underlying cause.


Damage to any part of your wrist can result in pain. This damage can occur from various short-term as well as long-term factors such as,


Wrist pain can occur at any age. However, symptoms may vary depending on the cause. Some common symptoms of wrist pain are,


It is a necessary step in treating the condition. An accurate diagnosis is crucial for appropriate treatment. It can be done through the following methods,


Usually, conservative methods are the first step in treating wrist pain. However, if this method fails to cure this condition. Then surgical treatments are the only choice left.

=> Conservative

=> Surgical

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